How to change SharePoint button display text

Changing the text for a button within SharePoint can be done through JQuery. Some of the requests I’ve had require this to say ‘Send’, ‘Submit’, ‘Cancel Request’ & ‘Back’.

To begin with, open the form you want this change made, for me, I’d like this on the NewForm. The below form is a copy of the new form that I’ve created in SharePoint Designer.


Edit the NewForm page and add a Script Editor Web Part. Copy the code below and paste in the script editor Web Part.  If you’d like the save value to be something other than save, make sure you change the part where I’ve written ‘Send’.

$(“input[value$=’Save’]”).attr(‘value’, “Send”);


Save the changes and stop editing the page. Go back into the NewForm (New Item) page and check the changes.


You can also edit the form in SharePoint Designer and place the code on the form that way.

Create a hyper-link to open in a new window

I get a fair amount of requests to open links in a new window, or just to create hyper-links on lists & libraries. Although this may become obvious for some people, it doesn’t for other newbies in SharePoint. I generally use the ‘Hyperlink with formatting and constraints for publishing’ column. Unfortunately this doesn’t show in the lists/libraries as an option when creating a column. This column has to be done at site level which can be found at Site Settings -> Site Columns (Under Web Designer Galleries).

To create a new column click ‘Create’ and fill in the name of the field and remember to select the correct type of column, screenshot below.


Save the column and return to your list.

Within your list go to List settings, towards the bottom of the page select ‘Add from existing site columns’ and you will be presented with the below. Find the column you’ve just created and click add, then click OK.


In your list create a new item and click ‘click to add a new hyperlink’, you will then see the fields that require filling out.


And lastly, the end result…